Monday, March 21, 2011

New Web Site In The Works

Well I just finished inking a deal with a developer to revamp my site. I have been woking on this for a few years and finally found a great group that will give me what I need. I am hoping to have it up and running in April sometime around Tax Day. The biggest improvement will be the addition of an online store. Now you will be able to get all of my materials and others when you want them and not just at the shows. I will also be putting up my flies that I tie. So if you are looking for some killer Crease Flies, Gooey's or Spun Flies you can get them online.

Here is a short list of some of the items I am work on:

  • Bucktail: The Bucktails that I process and dye will be a big part of the site. Since Bucktails are such a touchy thing I am going to try to sort them based on type of hair and then hair length. The only problem is that they might cost a little more because of all the extra handling and I many not have all the types and lengths in every color available. I may be selling bulk tails that are just spilt and salted for the people who might want to put up their own and might be selling some of the dye that I use.
  • Hooks: I will also be trying of get some good prices on specific hooks that I tie on. Getting hook by the dozen is not that echonomical but betting they by the 100 may be to much for the average tier. I am working on getting them in bulk and then repackaging into either 25's or 50's.
  • Discounts For Multiple Items: Since I get most of my items in bulk and get discounts for that I am trying to figure a way to pass that savings on to you. It may not be a lot, but a little is better than nothing.
  • New Dubbing Brush Machine:  I have been working a on new machine to make larger and longer brushes.  Everyone can make a short and thin (less than 1" in diameter), but this one will be able to do 6"+ diameter ones.

Hope to give you and show you the site in a few months and thanks for all of your support at the shows and  interest in my products and flies.

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Earthquake In Japan

I just watched this video of the Earthquake in Japan.  Nothing I say, think or do can help all of the people.  This is the worst and most horable thing I have ever seen.  Pray for them.
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Teach your kids to fish, so they can teach you when you get old and gray.