Monday, February 28, 2011

The Squid Bomb Hit My Desk

Time to clear the decks........
Well, this is how it started.  Two days ago I finally convinced myself it is time to finalize one of my Squid Patterns that I have been play around with for about a year.  I went back and looked at the design and was somewhat pleased with it, with the exception of the eye attachment (tab eyes secured to shank with larger 3D eyes CA glued over them).  Anyway, after a dozen or two of them through the vise the desk looked like this.
  A few bags of feathers, some flash, hooks, both vices out (don't ask me why) and a bunch of more crap that you don't see.

  The tie is somewhat simple.  Feathers and flash for the tails covered with some fine Angle Hair.  Attach the eyes just forward of the bend.  Wrap some two tone rabbit up the shank.  Reverse tie some bucktail and then finish off the head with a few feathers wrapped around the hook shank.

  This fly may not be as elegant or complex as other squids, but that is by design.  I wanted a simple and fast fly to tie that can be tied between 4" to 9" long with basic materials.  The only thing that some tiers would not have is the two tone rabbit that creates a very nice shadow affect over the eye that you can not see in these pictures.

I will post some better pictures when I shoot the finished fly.

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  1. Those are some cool flies.. Is that 2 vises I see? great blog, you got a new follower