Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thoughts on The Show Season

  Well the show season is in full swing now.  I just finished up 5 shows in 6 weekends.  All the way from Marlboro MA to Raleigh NC and a few points in between.  I do not know how some of the shops do it.  I know I only have a 8' x 18" table top and that fills my Explorer.  I am getting better at managing my Square Inches as opposed to the Square Feet the shops do.  Being on the road tends to get boring and cumbersome but it is a fun time seeing all the people and your friends.
  It is amazing on what you learn and what things we take for granted.  When I demonstrate what I do people will get all excited when I do something very simple to me, like tie with my scissors in my hands all the time or hand whip finish using the Peace Sign Method with out putting down my scissors.  Theses are two simple things I do every day.  I am somewhat disappointed in the large number of people that can not whip finish.  To me it is just like breathing.  I think it holds some people back because they are more worried about finishing off the fly instead of the construction and proportion.   To me the most important thing in tying a fly is the design.  Also, tying in materials by folding them in half around the thread is another thing.  It is a basic technique and not only saves time but it gives you more control on where to place the material and it forces you concentrate on the amount of material that you use.  I will have to post some how to on these.
  Overall the buzz at the shows was great.  The crowds were great and the people even better.  A lot of people asking some great questions.  I have leaned so much from them.  I also noticed that people are being very careful with what they are spending, but they are spending and are willing to put the money back into the economy.  That is not only good for me but for everyone.  The price for most materials have stayed somewhat the same with a few exceptions like some of the necks.  If you are looking for a nice off shoot to fly tying - look at feather hair extensions and beading.  These women are completely nuts when it comes to this.   I do think we are going to see a steady increase in long hair Bucktail.  Every year they are getting harder to find and the quality is starting to slip.  You still can get all the Norther Tails you want, but they are also starting to change.  Who would have thought that I am still chasing good tail and having a hard time finding it.
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